The Potomac Highlands Watershed School 

Elementary School Certificate


To Teachers:  Elementary school classes (K-6) that complete all of the activities on the Elementary School chalkboard will be awarded a certificate and a poster of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (limited to one per classroom).  After completing all activities please complete the following form (if you have any problem with the form please use our email link at the bottom of the page).

To Kids: tell your teacher about this! 

Application for Elementary School Certificate of Completion

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What is a Watershed?   

Watershed Puzzle II      

Watershed Creator       

Web Scavenger Hunt    

Vocabulary Covered     

I am likely to do this again next year:             Yes     No  Don't know

When you talked about watersheds did you discuss the Chesapeake Bay?    Yes     No 

Eight major sub-watersheds deliver water to the Bay.  Do you know which one you live in?  

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Note: Congratulations!  Thanks for participating. We will contact you to confirm the information in this application.  Following that, please allow 10-15 days for certificate and poster to arrive.


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