Potomac Highlands Watershed School

High School Internet Scavenger Hunt


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Chesapeake Bay Program

1. What is an estuary?


2. Where does the Potomac River start and end?  How long is the river?

Chesapeake Bay Program

3. Describe two things farmers can do to reduce their contributions to sediment pollution. (Hint: scroll down to "common best management practices.)

Region 8

4. Name two ways the Region 8 Planning and Development Council can assist with economic development in West Virginia.


5. Name four of the Potomac Riverís subwatersheds.

Urban Design Tools: Low Impact Development

6. Describe three components of low impact development practices and their benefits.

Why Sediment Matters

7. Describe two problems sediment pollution in streams can cause for people.

Understanding Pollution

8. What is point source pollution?

 Region of Waterloo then click on Hydrologic Cycle

9. Describe two steps of the water cycle.


10.  What is Non Point Source Pollution?

 American Farmland Trust

11. What three strategies does the American Farmland Trust use to protect farmland.