Potomac Highlands Watershed School

Many Thanks!

     The Potomac Highlands Watershed School has been made possible by grants from the US Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Education Program, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Canaan Valley Institute, The MARPAT Foundation, Spring Creek Foundation, and donations by the members of Cacapon Institute.  Content has been developed and reviewed by CI staff (Peter Maille, Meredith Pavlick, Neil Gillies), and volunteer Bob Markley.  Any errors are solely the responsibility of Cacapon Institute. 

Flash activities,except for "What is a Watershed", were developed by Cacapon Institute staff, and programmed by Luke Fleshman.  "What is a Watershed" was developed and programmed by Jennifer and Neil Gillies.  Content and "playability" of interactive activities were reviewd by partners at the Canaan Valley Institute, WV Conservation Agency, WV Division of Environmental Protection, WV Department of Agriculture, the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, and local teachers.  We could not have done this without their help, but any and all errors are solely the responsibility of Cacapon Institute. 

Beta testing has been conducted by CI staff, Bob Markley, Vicki Fenwick, and Shelby Pavlick.  Classroom art was created by Neil and Jynn Gillies.